South Africa - Trainingscamp No.01

happy new year !

many many kilometers in beautiful South Africa are in the box #noshortcuts had the very best time training in Stellenbosch and exploring the beauty of South Africa at the same time; busy days made even more fun if you could train with your idols Richard Murray & Rachel Klamer #thatwasinsane

now back to reality - the books and lots of snow are waiting;

thanks for having me Jamie Riddle, Alec Riddle and Michelle Riddle !

great way to start the New Year 2018 - wish you all a good one

📍Stellenbosch, South Africa 🇿🇦

Ein ganz besonderes Dankeschön an meine Sponsoren, die das viele Reisen ermöglichen!

#ThereseMölk #Zima #RLBtirol #Scott #Cocoon #Cep #Timeless #Ziwi #OlympiaCampusInnsbruck #Sporthilfe

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